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Here at Vale we believe in a simple church model. We don't need tons of ministries and programming getting in the way of what God wants for us. We have 4 simple core values.

Worship Faithfully

Consistency is key in living a life that honors God. That's why we ask everyone who attends Vale to attend weekly. We understand that life can be crazy, and you won't always make it. That's why we put all our weekly worship experiences on-line, but if you want to make the most of your time here at Vale we encourage you to make attending a priority.

Connect Intentionally

We believe that life is meant to be shared with others in community. This is why we strongly encourage everyone to be involved in a Vale Group. Whether your single, newly married, have kids, don't have kids, divorced whatever the case we have a group for you!

Serve Sacrificially 

We are never more like Christ than when we serve one another. In a world that teaches it is better to be served than to serve we believe our message as a church is to confront this false reality. We want to walk as Jesus walked, and see the impact of what it looks like to a live a life that models Christ's passion to lead through service.

Give Generously

At Vale we believe that God calls us to be generous with our time, skills, and resources. In the video above you will witness how the church became the hands and feet of Jesus as we canceled service on a Sunday and stocked the shelves of Home Sweet Home Ministries.