Our Team

Our Team

Central Team

Ted Max

Lead Pastor

Ted is responsible for the overall leadership, vision, and direction of Vale Church. Ted serves as part of the teaching team, as well as Vale’s Leadership Team. If you would like to contact Pastor Ted you can reach out to his assistant at

Mark Maestas

Executive Pastor

(309) 662-8508 ext. 205

Mark Maestas is responsible for leading the staff, carrying out the vision, and organization of Vale. He also serves as part of the teaching team, as well as Vale’s Leadership Team. 

Katherine Hornsby

Operations Director

(309) 662-8508 ext. 206

Katherine is responsible for overseeing the business processes of the church.

Mike Watkins

Family Pastor

(309) 662-8508 ext. 204

Mike is responsible to cast a strategic vision for the children’s and students’ ministries at Vale Church. He works together with members of the staff to integrate family-oriented discipleship and parenting initiatives throughout the church.

Lyn Mounce

Groups Director

(309) 662-8508 ext. 202

Lyn is responsible for making our big church feel small by connecting people into Vale Groups.

Nolan Recker

Guest Services Pastor

(309) 662-8508

Nolan is responsible for stewarding our front door ministries. He ensures that all areas connected with guest experiences are done with excellence.

Kyle Hornsby

Media Director

(309) 662-8508 ext. 203

Kyle is responsible for overseeing the creation of all media content for Vale Church, including graphics, videos, web design, print material, and communication strategies.

Kyli Kaufmann

Graphic Designer

(309) 662-8508

Kyli is responsible for creating all graphics for the church as well as managing our social media calendar.

Jeremy Artis

Facilities Director

(309) 662-8508

Jeremy is responsible for assuring successful operation and function of the church’s building and grounds.

Amanda Molinar

Executive Assistant

(309) 662-8508 ext. 213

Amanda is responsible for all database management and serves as the go-to person for questions regarding Church Community Builder and Planning Center. She is also the assistant to our Lead Pastor Ted Max.

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Bloomington Team

Chris Torres

Location Pastor

(309) 662-8508 ext. 230

Chris is responsible to lead and shepherd the congregation at our Bloomington location.

Abbey Rusher

Early Childhood Director

(309) 662-8508

Abbey is responsible for leading and developing all volunteers in our Early Childhood area of Vale Kids. 

Ian Briggs

Youth Associate

(309) 662-8508

Ian helps coordinate student services, serving, events, and small groups.

Hope Fairchild

Family Ministries Admin

(309) 662-8508

Hope is responsible for all administrative duties and support for Family Ministries (Vale Kids & Vale Youth).

Cory Stanley

Worship Pastor

(309) 662-8508 ext. 207

Cory oversees the worship culture at all Vale Church locations. He casts the overall vision for Vale Worship, from building and equipping worshippers to planning and coordinating all worship experiences.

Dustin Short

Technical Director

(309) 662-8508 ext. 211

Dustin is responsible for all production elements within the worship experience. He oversees all audio, video, and lighting elements within the church. He is responsible for training and building up volunteers within the production ministry.

Hannah Seavey

Worship Associate

(309) 662-8508

Hannah is responsible for building/developing all behind the scenes elements, leading and directing student worship, and assisting in the worship leading roles.

Trisha Noa

Administrative Assistant

(309) 662-8508 ext. 201

Trisha is responsible for providing administrative support to all Bloomington Adult Ministries as well as supporting our Bloomington Location Pastor.

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Peoria Team

Matt Vagle

Location Pastor

(309) 662-8508 ext. 208

Matt is responsible to lead and shepherd the congregation at our Peoria location.

Tirza Wolf

Children's Associate

(309) 662-8508

Tirza is responsible for leading and developing all volunteers in Vale Kids at our Peoria Campus.

Brandon Doebler

Youth Associate

(309) 662-8508

Brandon helps coordinate student services, serving, events, and community groups.

Tori Salazar

Worship Director

(309) 662-8508

Tori oversees the worship culture at Vale Church Peoria, and is responsible for leading, planning, and carrying out all elements of worship at that location.

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