Operations Director // Full Time

When you ask us what we do at Vale Church, you won’t just get a job description; you’ll hear a story. We are passionate about using our talents for God’s purposes and that’s why we’ve dedicated our careers to a ministry, not just a job title. We have the privilege of developing more and better disciples of Jesus. As we do our staff family works in a fun, fast, and friendly culture. Here is what to expect.

The Operations Director should be:

• Able to thrive when leading, delegating, and organizing all things operations

• Enjoy building and leading volunteer teams

• Exceptionally organized with a mind for operations

• Have an eye for details and the capacity to see the big picture

• Are a strong communicator and have a high tolerance for stress

• Able to inspire and motivate others to serve

• Have a strong ability to develop volunteer leaders

• Experienced in managing the finances of a large organization

• Willing to meet Vale Church partnership requirements

Main responsibilities are:

• Manage the use of church buildings, assets, and grounds

• Manage the cleaning and maintenance of church grounds and buildings

• Develop and adhere to a budget for the church’s operational needs 

• Work with the Executive Pastor to identify future infrastructure needs for the church

• Work with the Finance Team to ensure the church’s property has a necessary amount of insurance to mitigate appropriate risk

• Work with other staff leaders to ensure the guest experience on the church campus is welcoming

• Work with contractors, architects, subcontractors, and other vendors on buildings/grounds projects

• Serve as a liaison with various governmental agencies regarding property issues 

• Work with outside groups using the church facilities to ensure proper care is given to church property, and manage any contracts or agreements with those groups

• Manage volunteer teams who help with the maintenance and cleaning of the church property

• Manage all staff that serve as part of the operations team

• Manage budgets like a boss!

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Bookkeeper // Part-Time (16 hours)

General Description:

The Bookkeeper is responsible for managing church finances and financial business processes. This includes processing weekly offerings and other forms of income, bill payment as well as oversight of purchasing, expense reimbursement, check request, petty cash, and payroll processes.

Essential Job Functions:

• Receive, count, enter and deposit weekly tithes and offerings received via weekend services, mail, online, stock transfer, etc.

• Receive, review, record, and pay bills and other expenses as directed.

• Plan for upcoming expenses and manage cash flow as required to meet the operational needs of the church.

• Establish and manage purchasing, expense reimbursement, petty cash, check request, and other financial business processes.

• Manage payroll for church staff ensuring funds are transferred and payroll data is entered each pay period.

• Establish and manage bank accounts as the church’s business needs dictate.

• Update and distribute stat sheets to church staff, Leadership Team, and other individuals as directed.

• Produce and distribute quarterly and annual general and building fund giving statements.

• Assist the Executive Pastor and other church staff in developing an annual financial plan.

If you are interested in this job please email your resume to .


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